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(Based on fantastic art by Brett Bean)
I'm happy to say, this piece was awarded's Excellence Award.

Medusa - In my story she is a beautiful maiden who was recently cursed to become a Gorgon. She is now coming

to terms with this new drastic change.



WIP stylised Batman loosely based off the amazing concept by Daniel Araya




Harley Quinn


I wanted to make a Fall Faun to celebrate my favorite season. Fully inspired by Dennia's beautiful painting -

Nessie; I plan to make him some more friends soon.

Fox McCloud bust- Inspired by concept art by Beth Turnsek





Just a tribute to one of my favorite Halloween movies, or is it Christmas? I'll let you decide.


Tree Spirit and the Ghost Girl

Krokodilus (WIP)



-Steel Hope- Unearthly Challenge

Steel Hope Forum Thread





Silent Hill 3 (Heather) character rig by Josh Carey *thanks man ;)

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